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What Sets Wenger and Victorinox Watches Apart?

Two Swiss brands. One company. More than 120 years long tradition. Iconic design. High functionality and durability. Top-quality. Swiss made. Wenger and Victorinox watches.

These brands have always been at the top of the Swiss industry, and they continue to work similarly today.

Back then, they began to produce traditional Swiss Army Knives – a product that opened the door to international success. Nevertheless, despite being well-known worldwide, they remained loyal to the Swiss roots and the pattern leading to glory.

In the late 80s, Victorinox decided to add watches to their offer because their customers constantly asked for them. And they were right! Victorinox watches quickly became one of the best Swiss-made watches out there.

On the other hand, Wenger took over the brand in 2005, and since then, they have been focusing on their two most successful products—watches and luggage. One watch model worth mentioning is the Wenger watch.

Therefore, let’s see what makes these brands’ products authentic and different and why they are top in quality, design, and performance.

Victorinox Watches Swiss Made- The Symbol of Durability, Performance, and Elegance

Victorinox’s oldest and most famous product is the Swiss Army Knife. It is authentic, robust, and reliable. So, it was essential for this company to follow the same recipe when adding other collections of products to its offer. The same applies to watches.

What makes these Victorinox watches so unique? First is the reliability and durability, especially for their latest I.N.O.X. series.

By the time they arrive in your hand, you can be sure they’ve passed over 130 durability tests! Of course, half of the watches that crashed during the testing process speak for themselves about the strength and reliability of those who “survived.”

Durability Tests

The list of tests is very tough and strict. But in the end, what matters is that each collection represents uncompromising quality and performance. Therefore, you should look at some of the most demanding tests the Victorinox watches had to pass.

YouTube video

The fact that the I.N.O.X. watch can withstand the constant pressure of eight tons is amazing!

Furthermore, the military tanks, which weigh 64 tons, are also no threat. This would be enough to know that we are discussing the super durable watch. It is only one out of 130 other tests at Victorinox!

YouTube video

Bobsleigh is one of the hardest exams for a small thing like a watch. There are many vibrations and shake-ups at 145 km/h speed. But in the end, it was no problem for I.N.O.X. As you can see, the watch easily survived the race.

YouTube video

Among the many, we wanted to show you that the last test is drop resistance. Most people are often interested in it since these types of “accidents” can happen quite often.

And you know what? If you choose the I.N.O.X., it won’t be a problem. In this example, the watch falls at 50 km/h, which is pretty big. Its survival shows how strong and sturdy that case has to be.

Design and Performance of Victorinox watches

Even though design and elegance are crucial for a watch, they are secondary in the Victorinox watchmaking process. This is not by any means to say that people don’t care about them at Victorinox.

On the contrary, these timepieces have the most impeccable design. However, each collection had to pass the longevity and durability tests, and their shape and look were taken care of afterward.

Whether we talk about men’s or women’s watch collections, one thing is certain—each has its unique elegance and aesthetics. They are dynamic, decisive, and powerful in their own way.

The I.N.O.X. series has an extremely powerful look, in accordance with its durability. Maybe the strongest among them is the Professional Diver watch—the new titanium version.

In addition to the tests we already mentioned, it is water-resistant, hypoallergenic, and has a lightweight titanium case for maximum comfort. Of course, the same applies to I.N.O.X. Titanium or any other I.N.O.X wristwatch.


On the other hand, the Alliance series of Victorinox watches is much closer to the classic Swiss watch look. These watches are sharp and distinctive and provide timeless designs suitable for everyday activities.

Both women’s and men’s wristwatches in this collection are carefully made to be elegant and charming in the same way. Chronograph functions, high-grade stainless steel case, and great readability make this collection one of the best.


Wenger Watches and Equipment – A Classic Swiss Quality

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Wenger watches became part of Victorinox in 2005, and since then, they have continued to develop their most successful products – watches and gear.

Like its “older brother,” they are constantly improving in terms of modernity, but they maintain to stick to classic Swiss quality and design.

What differentiates Wenger mostly from other brands is that their high-quality watches and travel gear have very, very reasonable prices. Furthermore, they always select the best materials for their products.

Combine it with pedantic workmanship, and you’ll get timepieces that offer reliability, unique design, high functionality, and performance. And that’s just what Wenger products are!

Watches for serious men and strong women

Each of the new Wenger watch collection lines has a specific story. Certainly, the Wenger watches series is included!

Therefore, all the new collections either have a fashion-savvy and modern look or classic Swiss elegance as the key feature in the whole design. However, their main advantage is that these collections fit more different looks and combine them – sporty and elegant, urban and classic, or strong and feminine.

City Very Lady is a collection that is like a dream for every fashion-savvy woman. It is super elegant, but the quality is also impeccable. It is made of premium stainless steel and mineral glass to protect it, and, like every Wenger watch, it is water-resistant.


Another great women’s line is Urban Donnissima. It is sporty and elegant and has a unique blend of femininity. It meets all modern metropolitan trends and has the classic Swiss look, which makes these timepieces so adorable at first sight.

Series of men’s watches also suit different styles and occasions – you can wear them at business meetings, restaurant dinners, or casual outdoor activities.

Urban Active line is an excellent example of how the watch can be elegant and sporty simultaneously. Stainless steel and Superluminova-coated hands are the main features of this wonderful watch.


You should also keep in mind one more important thing: Every Wenger watch has a 3-year international warranty!

Traveling is easy with Wenger gear

Travel and business gear are a second essential feature of Wenger. These backpacks are specially designed with many storage options for the most extended traveling destinations.

You can pack everything there – clothes, accessories, drinks, food, or some business-related stuff. Furthermore, maximum comfort is guaranteed whatever these gorgeous backpacks you choose.

Their main characteristics, as we said, are comfort and space. There are extra pockets with zippers, shoulder and chest straps, and a padded back panel. Also, each of these backpacks is made of polyester.

Even though they have a lot of similarities, they differ in terms of capacity, shape, design, and colors. Hence, check all of them out to see what could fit your traveling the most!

Some, such as Astano or Smart, are good for long travel, camping, and the craziest adventures. Merveiler, for example, is an absolute beast for everyday activities such as sports training or jogging.

We hope we have given you a closer look at the beautiful world of Wenger and Victorinox watches and gear. Their essential characteristics can clearly show you the next-level experience and fulfill your lifestyle.

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