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About Rivella

With its unique taste, the Rivella drink brings refreshment and symbolizes the active lifestyle of Switzerland. Refresh yourself with the uniquely flavored Swiss soft drink!
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Rivella Drink: A Quintessential Swiss Refreshment

Rivella, the beloved Swiss soft drink, has graced palates since its inception in 1952. This extraordinary elixir not only quenches your thirst but also embodies the spirited essence of Switzerland’s active lifestyle.

The inception of this success narrative unfurled in the 1950s when Robert Barth, the mastermind behind Rivella Rot, crafted an original recipe utilizing milk whey and a closely guarded medley of herbal and fruit extracts. In 1952, he introduced this beverage to Switzerland, and it instantaneously captured the hearts of the nation.

At the core of this amayzing drink lies the essence of milk whey. This unobtrusive, flavor-neutral liquid boasts a rich content of minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and milk sugars, constituting 25-35% of the drink’s composition, depending on the variant.

The inimitable character of this Swiss soft drink, however, rests in its unaltered fusion of natural fruit and herbal extracts. The recipe is a closely guarded secret, known to only a select few within the company.

Whenever feasible, the company sources its materials exclusively from the local market, underscoring its commitment to Swiss authenticity. All Rivella products are crafted in Switzerland, devoid of any synthetic preservatives or flavor enhancers.

Swiss Soft Drink Excellence

In addition to the classic Red drink, our selection features an array of delectably flavored beverages. Whether you seek the low-calorie option, the refreshing green tea variant, or even the exotic allure of mango flavor, Rivella offers the perfect elixir to rejuvenate your senses during the summer.


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