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Familia Body Balance Muesli Fig And Plum 600 g

Bio Familia Body Balance Muesli Fig And Plum has a satisfying roasted taste and gets its exceptional fruity flavor from figs and plums.

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Weight 0.750 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Flake full oats, rice-wheat flakes (whole wheat, sugar, wheat protein and germ, skim milk powder, barley malt, table salt, whey powder), crispies ( corn, raw sugar, wholemeal flour, barley malt, salt, cocoa powder), raw sugar, sunflower oil, oat fiber, oligofructose, 4% of figs pieces (figs, rice flour, humectant glycerin), 4% plum bits (plum, humectant glycerin), corn bran, dextrose, apple pieces 2%, honey, roasted almonds, cranberries red lyophilized 1%, table salt, vitamins (maltodextrin (potato), C, nicine, E, pantothenic acid, B6, B2, B1, folic acid, biotin, B12

Bio Familia Body Balance Muesli Fig and Plum

Bio Familia Body Balance Muesli Fig And Plum provides good digestion. Plus, it has a satisfying roasted taste and gets its exceptional fruity flavor from figs, plums, raspberries, apples, and currants. Sure, it is best to eat it for breakfast. However, if you prefer using it for any other meal – feel free to do so.

Whether you are a professional athlete or just an active individual, you will be thrilled by the Familia products. Thanks to the abundance of carbohydrates it contains, Bio familia body balance will keep your energy at the top level. Nuts, grains, fruits, vitamins, and magnesium are all combined for a healthy muesli breakfast.

Fill your body with the best possible active ingredients and stay strong throughout the whole day! Finally, eat what the best sports stars eat and perform better every day!

When & where the story of Bio Familia began?

In Sachseln, in 1954 was founded Bio Familia. The first Birchermüesli was launched on the market in 1959 and it was just the beginning of success story!


Familia has a wide range of different products: Organic muesli, Baby muesli, ready to eat fresh Birchermüesli, whole grain muesli, etc. You cannot resist the proven crunchy cereal for good digestion.

Bio-Familia Muesli Body Balance Figs & Plum is excellent with cold or hot milk, yogurt, orange juice, or tea. So, simply add and enjoy! But, you can also try it without liquid as snacks for in-between. As clean as a topping for desserts.

Crisp taste without added sugar with fruity blueberries and crunchy pecans. Hence, this product is for those who want to increase their well-being with a healthy diet. Finally, t is naturally sweet and delicately round with maple and agave syrup and honey.

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Bio Familia Body Balance Muesli Fig And Plum 600 gFamilia Body Balance Muesli Fig And Plum 600 g
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