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Swiss halter bonbons

Swiss Halter Bonbons is a Swiss company, producing exclusively in Switzerland. They use all natural ingredients and raw materials from Switzerland, whenever it is possible. They work in harmony and respect towards nature, since nature provides us with the raw ingredients. This enables them to guarantee the highest quality standards!

Halter bonbons not only taste good, but they are also teeth-friendly. Through globally accepted scientific testing, Halter acquired the “Happy Tooth” symbol, which is the quality sign for products that are safe for teeth. In addition, Halter also complies with the strict rules for a kosher production.

Swiss hard candy

Halter bonbons were Switzerland’s first candies to combat cough and catarrh, under the name of Haschi. This herb candy is a Swiss trademark!

Enjoy the fruity, tangy or chocolaty taste of the Halter classic candies. From Halter caramel to menthol, lemon and melon, you will find a Halter hard candy for your taste!

Made from natural ingredients and sugar-free! That’s right; the Halter Swiss candies are ideal if you want to reduce the overall sugar intake. Not only is Halter Switzerland’s first sugar-free candy in resealable packs, but also the first hard caramel! The sugar-coated caramel nuggets made from Swiss Alpine milk are a hit from day one!

At Swissmade direct, we are glad to have Halter Bonbons by our side. Their product is well known, and Halter bonbons Suisse is a fan favorite. Their reputation for making use of the best ingredients certainly draws a lot of happy customers around the world. If you want to experience the best sweet, you can begin that from our store!

Celebrate summer with cool and fruity Halter! They will be your favorite beach candies! They are so practical, they will be in your summer bag all season. Both kids and adults will love them!

Swiss Halter Bonbons with Different Taste

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