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Curodont and Curolox Technology

Curodont is a Swiss brand which offers biomedical products for teeth preservation. All the products are based on innovative, award-winning Curolox Technology. Furthermore, its effectivity is proven through several clinical studies. For more than 20 years, innumerable researchers from the fields of supramolecular chemistry, oral biology and dentistry have contributed their knowledge to bring the high tech products of the Curodont product line.

The most significant foundation was “smart” molecule which is able to form three-dimensional biomatrix with high affinity to tooth mineral. Hence, important natural minerals are incorporated into the biomatrix. Therefore, Curodont products use this invention to increase the self-healing powers of the body.

Also, researchers are constantly in the process of finding new molecules which could potentially create more products in this field. 

Curodont possesses prestige Swiss Technology award.

Curodont products

The focus of every Curodont product is on the tooth regeneration and protection. Dentists can use it during the professional treatment, which will make you feel better and more tolerable. But you can use it at home, too. Curodont tooth gels are easy to apply and will not cause any trouble if you follow the instructions. However, each product has its particular purpose.

Curodont Protect is a gel which quickly forms the regenerative layer over exposed dentine and tubulin. It is the perfect completion of any professional tooth cleaning treatment. On the other hand, Curodont D’Senz is based on self-organizing molecules which create the protective barrier on the tooth surface. It desensitizes and protects sensitive teeth and eases pain during the treatment. Finally, Curodont Repair consists mainly of “smart” peptide molecules which help the treatment of initial carious lesions.

We all know how crucial dental care is. With the help of high-quality Curodont tooth gels, you can now have the best possible treatments. Each of them fits your specific dental care needs.



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