Swiss made and Vegan sports nutrition

Crownhealth is a Swiss brand, founded in 2014, in the south of the Swiss Alps. Owners always had a passion for nature, but at that moment, they wanted to offer something more. Hence, they decided to foster active lifestyles, support athletes and nature-lovers, and connect people with nature.

Veganism is the milestone of their philosophy. According to it, plant-based living means for them respecting health, Earth, and all living beings. You can see their conviction in the fact that all their packaging is eco-friendly, compostable, and plastic-free.

Crownhealth is the provider of clean sports nutrition products, healthy food, and plant-based nutraceuticals. Their products are especially suitable when you feel over-trained or over-tired. Furthermore, in such situations, these products boost your energy levels and strength. It is a new Swiss made, disruptive and minimalist concept of premium vegan sports nutrition with cucumber extract and other super botanicals. Thanks to Naturalea, the biotechnology company behind Crownhealth, these active ingredients are totally natural botanical extracts.

Crownhealth products

Crownhealth products bring together scientific recipes, natural and organic ingredients, and a unique concept of sports nutrition. Also, these products are Swiss made, high-quality, and they foster a sustainable world.

Nourishing body with healthy foods and living an active life are two primary things that their products offer to support mental and physical balance.

The most significant characteristics of Crownhealth products are efficacy, safety, digestibility, great taste, and sustainability.

These vegan solutions are natural, safe, powerful, and science-based. Therefore, all products are free of chemical additives, GMO ingredients, gluten, added sugars, and artificial flavors. Consequently, healthy and truly natural food is what Crownhealth is all about.

Crownhealth’s energy bars, energy gels, proteins, or supplements are easy to digest and have a natural taste. This is because of the complete absence of additives, preservatives, and sweeteners. Finally, their products are all about wellbeing, performance, and good for the planet.



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