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Basler Laeckerli

Basler Laeckerli is a Swiss brand, best known for their production of traditional Swiss cookies. In addition to these delicious Swiss biscuits, Basler Laeckerli also produces a variety of blissful, high quality treats.

Laeckerli Huus prides themselves in the honoring of recipes that have been passed down for generations. In addition, confectioners carefully produce these specialties with love and passion, but also with great expertise.

With over a 100 years of sweet success, Basler Leckerli only chooses the best raw ingredients. Furthermore, they hold the composition and packaging of these items to the highest standards.

Traditional Swiss Cookies

The founder, André Klein, quickly realizes the power of advertising. He begins packaging Leckerli cookies in decorative biscuit tins. These vintage biscuit tins now play a decisive role in making Laeckerli specialties the perfect gift.

Not only does Leckerli create the traditional Swiss biscuit, but they have also successfully launched a selection of new chocolate specialties. Hence, they are winning over chocolate lovers with an assortment of truffles and pralines.

Basler Laeckerli is a truly authentic, trustworthy Swiss brand. Most of all, they use only the finest, wholesome ingredients.

Enjoy your Swiss biscuits with afternoon tea or try a unique new Lackerli cream caramel! In conclusion, whatever your choice is, you will surely relish every bite!

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