Bio Familia Muesli ChocX Bits 600 g


Bio Familia Muesli Choco Bits contain real Swiss milk chocolate & hazelnut muesli and bring your amazing crunchy sensation. The modern manufacturing process that household ingredients give this muesli this balanced chocolate flavor and delicious crisp.

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Bio Familia Muesli ChocX Bits

Bio Familia Muesli ChocX Bits contains whole grains and other quality ingredients. On top of that, these ingredients give this muesli a balanced chocolate flavor and delicious crisp. You simply cannot resist this crispy toasted muesli with chocolate bits!

Since it helps to be powerful and full of energy for hours, it’s best to have it in the morning, for breakfast, with milk or yogurt.  Start your day in the tastiest way! However, if you prefer something else for breakfast, it is a perfect healthy snack between meals.

Bio-Familia Muesli ChocX Bits also helps maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood. On top of that, it contains real Swiss milk chocolate and hazelnut muesli, perfect choice for a tasty and balanced diet. The unique combination of chocolate-filled cereal pockets will certainly stimulate your senses.

When and where it all began?

Bio Familia was founded in 1954, in Sachsen – in the very heart of Switzerland. The first Birchermüesli was launched on the market in 1959, and it was just the beginning of a successful path! Over time, they developed a wide variety of delicious products, and one of them is certainly Bio Familia Muesli Chocx Bits!


Familia has a wide range of different products to meet the specific needs of adults, children, and athletes. For that reason, many Swiss people enjoy Bio Familia products as a healthy and natural meal. You cannot resist the proven crunchy muesli for good digestion.

Additional information

Weight 0.800 kg

Oatmeal, chocolate bits (20%), chocolate filling (sugar, peanut, hazelnut oil, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, lactose, cocoa butter, emulsifier (lecithin) flavorings), rice flour, wheat flour, raw sugar, skimmed milk powder, wheat bran, cocoa powder, salt, vitamins, raw sugar, chocolate pieces (9%) (sugar, cocoa powder, butter cocoa, vanillin), crispies (cornmeal, rice flour, raw sugar, wheat flour, rye and barley, malt, salt, cocoa powder), peanut oil, wheat flour and rye of crystal sugar, cornflakes (but, salt, apple juice concentrate), cocoa powder, coconut flakes, nuts, sea salt, wheat germ, honey, vitamins, vanillin. Vitamins (E, niacin, pantothenic acid, B6, B2, B1, folic acid, B12).


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