Toblerone Dark Chocolate 100 g


Try the overwhelming taste of Toblerone Dark Chocolate, and you will experience the great taste of one of the world’s finest chocolate. Original Toblerone Dark Chocolate represents the unique recipe for the immense harmony amongst flavor and texture, which no other the most famous chocolate producer, could make.

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Toblerone Dark Chocolate: A great Shape for a Great Taste

The planning of making the incredible triangular Toblerone Dark Chocolate requires a specialist’sspecialist’s abilities. About that, Toblerone specialists utilize just the best authentic ingredients to create the most exceptional & authentic chocolate taste. They use only high-quality cocoa, milk, honey, and almonds. Which is the thing that makes this unique original Swiss Toblerone or Toblerone dark chocolate taste so incredibly great! Besides that, these chocolatiers know how to make immense harmony amongst flavor and texture.

They are also the makers of the most particular shape of chocolate. They’ve created the popular shape for chocolate, imitating the form of Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. Hence, this kind of shape, incredible taste, rich texture are all parts of what makes this Toblerone Chocolate such a great sweet. But that’s not all!

Toblerone Chocolate: The Taste You Won’t Forget

Why is the Original Swiss Toblerone dark chocolate taste the absolute favorite chocolate flavor of all time? You need to try it, but mostly because almond nougat provides a great distraction from the milky chocolate and secondly. On the other hand, honey gives the chocolate bar a unique and savory bit of sweetness.

Furthermore, this Toblerone Swiss leave a lasting flavor in your mouth. And that’s what only the best quality chocolate could offer. This taste can stay with you for several minutes after the chocolate has melted. And to have that particular experience you only need a small piece of this authentic Toblerone Dark Chocolate.

Therefore, if you fancy chocolate, we can assure you that buying Toblerone dark chocolate from an authentic Swiss shop online can make your moment remarkably special. The chocolate is also great for gifting purposes or to make special occasions more memorable.

Hence, if you were struggling to choose what gift you should give to your loved ones, well, the answer is right here! However, it would be quite hard to pass along a box of the chocolate made by Toblerone without tasting a tiny bit!

Order the rich and delicious Toblerone dark chocolate from an authentic Swiss shop online- Swissmade Direct. We hold a vast catalog of chocolate from the brand, ready to be explored by you. If you were looking for extra special authentic Swiss chocolate, you are in the right place. Order the from our store, and we will deliver the product right at your doorstep. Getting Swiss goods is now easy.

Try it and enjoy it, as many lovers do several times a day!


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Weight 0.175 kg

Sugar, Whole Milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, honey (3.0%), milk, almonds (1.6%), emulsifier (Soya lecithin), egg white, flavoring. Milk chocolate: cocoa solids 28% minimum. Milk solids 14% minimum.


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