Frey Noxana Milk Chocolate With Hazelnut Sugar-free 100g


Frey Noxana Milk Chocolate provides double pleasure – whole hazelnuts and it is sugar-free! Everyone who seeks such a combination should check this sweety.

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Frey noxana milk chocolate overview

Want sugar-free chocolate with whole hazelnuts? No problem! Frey Noxana Milk Chocolate provides it all. Hence, double pleasure is inevitable.

Noxana Milk Chocolate is incredibly delicious chocolate. A real Swiss delicacy, adored by thousands of chocolate lovers throughout the world. Furthermore, chocolate is sugar-free. Therefore; if you are concerned about your average sugar consumption and want to reduce it badly without reducing your chocolate’s love, then the Noxana Chocolate Frey will be your ideal companion.

In fact, this Swiss chocolate has been made for the people who want to experience Swiss chocolate without worrying about their sugar intake. Also, Frey Noxana Milk Chocolate might contain traces of nuts.

Nutritional information of Noxana milk chocolate 100g contains energy 2200 kJ (532 kcal), 9g protein, 42g carbohydrate (of which 10g sugars, polyols 30g), 41g fat (including saturated fat 17g, Cholesterol 10mg), 3.5g dietary fiber, 0.08g sodium.

Noxana milk chocolate Ingredients

Isomalt, ground and whole hazelnuts 24%, whole milk powder, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin, sweeteners: aspartame and acesulfame K, aroma. Furthermore, may contain almonds, gluten, and traces of other tree nuts (walnuts). Cocoa: 30% minimum in the chocolate.

Noxana milk chocolate at your doorstep

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