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Torino White Chocolate Branches 115 g

Brand: Camille Bloch

Torino White Chocolate Branches are a stunning combination of white milk chocolate filled with caramel powder. Enjoy every bite of it!


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Torino White Chocolate Branches

The Torino range is now richer with Torino White Chocolate Branches, which will delight the most discerning palates. It’s a stunning combination of white milk chocolate filled with caramel powder. A pleasure that will turn your everyday life into an event.

As the youngest member of the Torino range, Torino Blond conquers the gourmet palate with a stunning combination of white milk chocolate and a delicate, light caramel coating. A delight that turns even weekdays into festive days.

Camille Bloch

Camille Bloch company uses natural ingredients for making Torino, Ragusa, and liqueur chocolate specialties. Quality is the top Camille Bloch priority. They also apply exact quality standards to the environmental and social conditions found in areas that produce our cocoa beans.

Also, they are deeply committed to sustainable development and can trace cocoa beans to the specific village where they were grown in Ghana. The remaining raw materials, such as hazelnuts and almonds, they get from certified ethical producers.

Corporate culture

Although much has changed since Chocolats Camille Bloch SA started their work in 1929, their values have remained the same. Respect for the family traditions, a passion for chocolate, high-quality standards, a sense of social and environmental responsibility – from harvesting the cocoa bean to the finished product – and, of course, their passion for Swiss chocolate.

Camille Bloch SA takes a long-term approach. For them, thinking and acting sustainably is no mere fad but a guiding and constantly evolving principle.

Weight 0.230 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Sugar, caramelized milk powder 18% (whole milk powder, caramelised sugar 3%), cocoa butter, hazelnut (8%), coconut fat, almonds (4%), soya flour, cocoa mass, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin, pure vanilla extract


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