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Frey Cremant Chocolate 100g

Brand: Frey

A different variation of extra dark chocolate from House Frey – Frey Cremant Chocolate! Both young and old who love extra dark taste will love it.

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Swiss Frey Cremant Chocolate Overview

Chocolate is great, and millions of people love it. Each bite of the chocolate is like a tiny waterfall of mouthwatering delight. There’s no alternative to chocolate. And if you want to experience the best of best, then Swiss Frey cremant chocolate can serve your needs very well.

Frey Cremant Chocolate is an impeccable variation of extra dark chocolate. Therefore, every lover of an additional dark taste will adore this beauty from House Frey. Also, there might be traces of nuts.

Nutrition information of Swiss Frey cremant chocolate:

Energy value 2240Kj, 5g, 54g carbohydrates proteins, sugars 51g, 32g fat, 19g of which saturates, 7g dietary fiber, sodium.

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, aroma. Furthermore, may contain milk, hazelnuts, almonds, gluten, and traces of other tree nuts (walnuts). Cocoa: 47% minimum.


The brand

The brand behind the cremant chocolate is well known for its exceptional and high-quality offerings. They have been making incredible chocolates by combining their experience and years of expertise. Besides this, the organization also adheres to strict quality control. From ingredients to the production process, everything gets carried very carefully. This will ensure that you will get the best product which has great quality and the highest standards.

The frey cremant chocolate comes in lightweight packaging. Therefore, you can always carry them very easily and eat them at your convenience.

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