Halter Sugar Free Bonbons 40 g


Halter Sugar Free Bonbons are available in five different tastes – coffee, apple, berry mix, melon, and polar. Choose those you prefer the most!

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Halter sugar-free bonbons for your sugar tooth

If you have diabetes or if your doctor advised you not to consume sugar for your own good, you have to take a step. Most people completely try to push away the consumption of sugar as a whole from their life. Most of them started to treat sugar as an enemy of their body. But when you have a hankering for something sweet, controlling the urge completely can be difficult. However, it is also not good for the health. So what can you do in this regard? Well, this is where the halter sugar-free bonbons come into place.

Enjoy marvelous Halter sugar free bonbons

The packs of amazingly sweet and fresh candies are meant to offer you deliciousness without giving you the adverse effect of raw sugar. Your kids are going to love them. Because they contain only natural flavors, these sugarless candies are very suitable for diabetics as well.

The very best quality

The brand behind the sugar-free bonbons is a well-known Swiss organization. They are recognised for their exceptional quality products from the best ingredients. Moreover, the Swiss brand work and spend a hefty amount of resource to bring delicious sugar-free candies for the masses to keep things interesting! In fact, the Halter bonbons are available in five different tastes – coffee, apple, berry mix, melon, and polar. Choose the one (or more) that you prefer the most!

They don’t only taste good – but they are also tooth-friendly, having a Happy Tooth symbol award. Delicious, sugarless and natural – what a perfect candy! Discover more Halter bonbons, you are going to love it!

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Isomalt, acidifier (malic acid), flavors, sweeteners (acesulfame K, neohesperidin), colorant (E132)


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