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Heidi Of The Alps Paper Craft

Heidi of the Alps Paper Craft is here to provide a lot of fun time for you and your kids. It has 12 parts and it is designed on German language.

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Heidi Alps Paper Craft Overview

Our society is now focused on technology. And for this, it can be challenging to get your children involved with something other than an electronic device. However, a kid must and should explore and look beyond any screen. And the best way to get their attention is by offering them something related to art and craft. Just like Heidi Swiss Alps Paper Craft.

Heidi Swiss Paper Craft boos creativity helps to improve focus, boost skills, and help your kids have a pleasant and fun time. To make it short, Heidi Swiss creates an environment that promotes creativity as well as learning.

Have a lot of fun time with Heidi Alps Paper Craft!

Parts: 12
Level: from 6 years
Language: German

Heidi is a happy kid. It may be about the age you are. His bright eyes are bright. But it is not spoiled. You have to feel sorry for him. It lost its parents early, first the father, then the mother. So far, it has grown up with strangers. From now on, they can no longer care for this child. Where should Heidi come now?

In the Alps! An aunt leads the little child up to the “Öhi”. That’s the way people call an old, bearded man who lives alone high up on the mountain. He lives there in a low stone hut, far away from the Dörfli, far away from the other people. He’s supposed to be a rough, bearded man. But he is Heidi’s grandfather. Will Heidi like the “Öhi”? Will the “Öhi” be happy when Heidi comes to him?

Heidi Alps Paper Craft is here to provide a lot of fun time for you and your kids.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


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