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Swiss Army Sporty Travel Bag

Sports, travelling, and many other activities will now be much easier with Swiss Army sporty travel bag! It is made of old Swiss Army wool blanket.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

40 cm (long) x 23 cm (wide) x 35 cm (height)

Swiss army bags Overview

Travel bags are an essential part of going out. It helps to carry our personal belongings safely and comfortably from one point to another. And if you want the best experience, you need the right back. And the right-back means it should bring high quality, spaciousness and offer a comforting experience. And all of these can be achieved through Swiss army sporty travel bags or Swiss army luggage.

The Swiss Army sporty travel bag is an elegant sport and outdoor backpack made of an old Swiss army wool blanket and inside out of a truck tarpaulin. Thus, it is dimensionally stable and waterproof. It also corresponds to the size that can be taken as hand luggage on the plane.

Find more details about the Swiss army bags

The outside dimensions of Swiss army luggage are about 40 cm long and 23 cm wide, and the maximum height is about 35 cm. It has short, ergonomically shaped straps and a long, adjustable carrying strap with a comfortable pad. The long strap is also removable by carabiners.

At the top center is a long zipper. The front has a 32 cm long front pocket and an upper side pocket, which is also open with a curved zipper and still offers good storage space.

On the back, Swiss army luggage has a bumper, where you can pierce the case handle. However, this bumper is to be closed from below and above, each with a zipper, so there is also another storage compartment. The Swiss sporty travel bag stands on four plastic feet.

The benefits of the army travel bags

The purpose of it is to carry essential items while traveling. However, they are not the same. There are a few distinctions that make each of them unique and special. Here, we will see what makes the Swiss army bags special and what the top three benefits bring.

Easy to carry:

Swiss army bags- designed to make it easy to store your belongings. It comes with a special type of adjustable carrying strap; it is pretty comfortable to carry around with minimum effort. Moreover, they can accommodate clothes and other essential materials easily.

Find your belongings easily

If you are looking to arrange your belongings in an organized manner, consider using these products. It has a different compartment, making it easier to carry different things safely without causing any chaos. It is advisable to use the Swiss army bags so that you can save precious time & stop losing track of your essential outdoor items.

Your long-time friend

They have symbolized sophistication, style, and class for decades. Made with the best material and production process, this one will be your companion for a prolonged time.

Get the backpack bag online

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Swiss Army Sporty Travel BagSwiss Army Sporty Travel Bag
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