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Ethno Watch Strap Folclore 09-61D Khaki-Black

Unique ethno watch strap, in different style and color.

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Ethno Watch Strap Khaki-Black


Ethno Watch Strap Khaki-Black is made of high-quality leather, with its unique texture makes the whole watch more upscale. Leather is also a very “high maintenance” material and thus requires regular maintenance to keep it looking new. Therefore, before buying a leather watch strap, you need to know what kind of care it needs and how to clean your watch strap regularly.

Some people think that wearing a leather belt in water will quickly cause damage to the skin. In fact, this view was proven wrong thousands of years ago proved by ancient Chinese scholars. However, there are still some times when excessive moisture can penetrate into the pores of the skin. For example, Rainy days or vigorous exercise sweat causes sweat and water to penetrate into the skin pores.

So, what should you do if you happen to get wet? Well, just wipe it with a clean cloth or tissue paper immediately after getting wet. If your skin becomes too dry, we can always apply an appropriate amount of high-quality leather moisturizer cream on the surface.

Tip: The best time to apply moisturizer is in the evening before bedtime so that when you wear it the next morning, it will be fully absorbed by your skin.

This can prevent the belt from cracking or damaging.

To clean your leather watch strap, you need to first know that the most important thing is to use a soft cloth or tissue paper to avoid scratching the surface of the leather. If there is any moisture on it, wait until dry before wiping it with a towel. In addition, do not let chemicals such as soap, detergent, and disinfectants containing alcohol touch the skin for too long; because some ingredients will weaken its resilience and make it lose shape easily in time. Due to this reason, often an appropriate amount of moisturizer cream should be used regularly. After cleaning the leather strap thoroughly with a wipe cloth or tissue paper dipped in alcohol-based mild cleaner, you should use more moisturizer cream to keep it as new.

In addition, to avoid heat from flashlights or other sources, you should also avoid exposing your leather watch strap to direct sunlight for a long time.

Tip: To clean the old part of the leather watch strap or the areas that are dirty, you should use a soft cloth to lightly press it with warm water. If there is some dirt on it, rub it with a wet towel made from soap powder (a little bit). Then rinse it again until the dirt disappears. And then, place the belt in a dry and cool place to let its surface dry completely before regularly wiping when needed.

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Ethno Watch Strap FolcloreEthno Watch Strap Folclore 09-61D Khaki-Black
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