Mondaine Essence Women Wristwatch 32 mm

Brand: Mondaine

Mondaine Essence women wristwatch is the representative of a unique Swiss style. Watch is very pleasant to wear, and you can change the strap when needed.


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Mondaine essence women Overview

Mondaine Essence women wristwatch is the stylish combination of two classics that create a unique look. This combination is in the Scottish tartan look in red and black color.

A skin-friendly cork lining at the woolen watch strap makes this watch very pleasant to wear. Thanks to easy strap-change system, you can change the watch strap easily without any additional tools. Therefore, you can adapt the Mondaine Essence women’s wristwatch to your look and style anytime. Also, its water resistance is up to 30 meters. Mondaine’s watch factory in Solothurn is the home of this wonderful watch.

Enjoy the best quality

Mondaine essence women’s wristwatch is a well-crafted and well-built watch. It does more than time telling. The design of this watch will make an important aspect of your overall appearance.

For decades, Switzerland has been the pioneer in making highly sophisticated watches. The Swiss-made watches are the gold standard of the most high-quality clock and watch. And the brand behind this essence watch is also known for its amazing work. Everything gets checked to make the best watch, from the production process to the materials that go into it. And if you are looking for the most carefully crafted wristwatch, this will be your perfect companion!

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