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Mondaine Helvetica No1 Bold Men Wristwatch 43 mm

Feel the spirit of Switzerland with Mondaine Helvetica No1 bold men wristwatch! The new version of Helvetica watch is here to respond to needs of modern businessman.

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Mondaine Helvetica Wristwatch Overview

Wristwatches present a vital part of our everyday lives. And it’s been like this for centuries since the invention of the wristwatch. However, the arrival of handheld devices or mobile phones may have set misconceptions about owning a watch. Nevertheless, according to many fashion icons, the need for a high-quality watch is more than ever before. So today, watches such as Mondaine Helvetica Wristwatch do more than time telling. The unique and polished worn are worn to elevate the appearance.

Glad your hand with a modern version of Mondaine Helvetica watch! Mondaine Helvetica No1 Bold men wristwatch is transferring the essence of Switzerland to a watch. Therefore, the result is stringent design, with just a few touches to surprise the eye.

Modern Helvetica watch

The Mondaine Helvetica watches are off from traditional position, to fit in the modern men’s needs. Furthermore, new Mondaine family number, the Helvetica No1 with its curved crossbar, is here to respond to the 2018 trends. Case material is made of stainless steel and bracelet material is genuine leather. Hence, it is strong, impeccable and one-of-a-kind piece. Number 1 for your bold statement on the wrist.

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