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Rubis Baby Nail Scissors


Your baby’s nails are softer and more pliable than yours. So, the baby’s nails need more attention when you cutting them. Rubis Baby Nail Scissors are specially crafted to cut delicate and soft newborn’s nails.

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Rubis Baby Nail Scissors Overview

One of the most intimidating and complex jobs for any parent is cutting an infant’s nails safely. The combination of a tiny baby, small fingers and toes, and the fear of drawing blood makes the job seem next to impossible. However, it is an essential job that you can not or should not simply ignore. Fortunately, the designers have made an extraordinary tool that can relieve the anxiety from the entire process of trimming an infant’s nails. And the tool is Swiss-made Rubis Baby Nail Scissors.

Rubis Nail Scissors are specially crafted to trim soft and tiny newborn’s nails. These Swiss scissors trim baby’s nails smoothly, without cutting too much or too less. They are comfortable handle and have hard-sharpened blades which ensure the precise cut. Their blades are precisely sharp, as baby nails are so soft and delicate. So, Rubis Baby Nail Scissors are so comfy for you to use.

The most precise baby nail tools for easy cutting

Cutting baby’s nails sometimes is not an easy job. The easiest way is to cut your child’s nails while he is sleeping. But even then, it is necessary to have a very precision instrument. It is known, if you need a precision instrument, then the Swiss one is probably one of the best. By this, Rubis Baby Nail Scissors which reflect Swiss craftsmanship and the latest technology are your great choice to make this job easier.

The Baby Nail Scissors have a unique design which is also here to make cutting baby’s nail comfortable. And thanks to the highest quality martensitic steel these scissors have long durability. Also important, with these scissors there is no any risk of allergic reactions.

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