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Timeless Rebel Elixir For Normal, Dry and Mature Skin 30 ml

Bold and innovative, Timeless Rebel Elixir For Normal, Dry And Mature Skin leaves your skin revitalized, fully moisturized, silky soft and radiant!

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Hemp, Prickly Pear, Blueberry, Rosehip, Argan, Oat Bran, Jojoba, Passion Flower, Avocado, and Sea Buckthorn oil; Calendula, Raspberry, Chia, Rosehip, Tobacco Flower, and Schisandra extract; Sandalwood, Patchouli, and Peppermint essential oil, Bisabolol, Vitamin E, Rosemary extract, Sunflower oil, Limonene*, *Naturally occurring in essential oils

Timeless Rebel Elixir For Normal, Dry, and Mature Skin

Bold and innovative, Timeless Rebel Elixir For Normal, Dry, and Mature Skin leaves your skin revitalized, fully moisturized, silky soft, and radiant! In addition, this unique night-time formula is made from a blend of 23 plant oils and extracts, including Hemp, Prickly Pear, Blueberry, and Sea Buckthorn.

  • Revitalizes | Hydrates | Softens
  • Light and penetrating texture
  • For normal, dry, or mature skin types
  • The synergy of 23 botanicals
  • Scents: Sandalwood, Tobacco Flower, Peppermint, Patchouli
  • Notes: Woody, fresh, herbaceous

For normal, dry, or mature skin types

The noble quest for true Authenticity inspires the Timeless Rebel Collection for Her & Him. Light and penetrating, it offers uncompromising skincare quality to meet the essential needs of normal, dry, or mature skin.
An innovative formulation, this synergy with regenerating extracts of Raspberry, Schisandra, and Calendula revitalizes and intensively moisturizes your skin, bringing it suppleness, softness, and a healthy glow. Furthermore, combining extracts of precious Sandalwood, Tobacco Flower, Patchouli, and Peppermint, the impertinent and provocative olfactory bouquet will surprise you with its woody, fresh, floral, and bold nuances.

Main benefits:

– Revitalizes tired and dull skin to provide a radiant and healthy complexion
– Emollient and moisturizing for more elasticity and suppleness
– Contributes to cell renewal and repair of damaged skin
– Reduces fine lines by stimulating elastin synthesis
– Firms and tones by promoting the creation of collagen fibers
– Protects and maintains the acidic mantle of the skin
– Gently calms and soothes irritated skin
– Powerful antioxidant and protective action
– Reduces the signs of premature aging
– Helps reduce pigmentation spots
– Intense in-depth nutrition for optimal comfort

How to Use:

Timeless Rebel Elixir’s rich and concentrated formula makes it ideal for nighttime use.
For your nightly skincare routine, apply a few drops to a cleansed, slightly damp face and neck. Massage gently with fingertips to facilitate absorption and stimulate circulation.
Also excellent and used as a soothing aftershave or to nourish beards, mustaches, and the scalp of bald or close-shaven heads.
(It is recommended to test a new product on a small discreet area of skin and wait for 24hrs before applying it to a larger area)


  • 100% Natural & Plant-based
  • 0% palm, O% petroleum, O% ethanol
  • Glass bottle, recyclable

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elvetii-timeless-rebel-elixirTimeless Rebel Elixir For Normal, Dry and Mature Skin 30 ml
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