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Almost Swissmade


Welcome to the extraordinary world of “Almost Swissmade,” where innovation meets inspiration, and products transcend borders. In this unique category, we showcase a curated selection of innovative and well-known products that, while not fully meeting the strict Swissness rule, carry the spirit and craftsmanship inspired by Switzerland’s renowned quality.

The term “Swiss Made” is a prestigious label, reserved for products that adhere to stringent criteria. According to Swiss law, 60% of production costs must occur within Switzerland, with at least 50% of the manufacturing process taking place in the country. This ensures a standard of quality and craftsmanship synonymous with Swiss excellence.

In the “Almost Swissmade” collection, we bring you items that, while not meeting all the criteria for the Swiss Made label, embody the essence of Swiss inspiration. These products have transcended borders, captivating global audiences with their ingenuity and innovation.

We employ the term “almost” to describe these products due to the following reasons:

1. While these items are not manufactured within the borders of Switzerland, they are distributed by Swiss enterprises, underscoring a unique partnership between global production and Swiss distribution channels. This distinctive arrangement ensures that the products maintain a strong connection to Swiss quality standards, despite their manufacturing origins lying elsewhere.

2. Furthermore, these products often boast a historical connection to Switzerland, having been initially produced within the Swiss territory. However, due to various factors such as evolving market demands or operational considerations, the manufacturing process has since been relocated to other parts of the world. Nonetheless, the inherent Swiss craftsmanship and heritage associated with these products persist, serving as a testament to their enduring legacy and historical significance.

While they may not be entirely Swiss Made, their influence and craftsmanship are a testament to the enduring legacy of Swiss quality. Explore the intersection of innovation and inspiration with our carefully curated Almost Swissmade collection.

Why Almost Swissmade?

Discover the compelling reasons to choose products from our Almost Swissmade collection! While these items may not bear the coveted Swiss Made label in its entirety, there are distinct and captivating reasons why they stand out and deserve a place in your life.

1. Affordability without Compromise
Almost Swissmade products offer a unique blend of quality and affordability. By bypassing some of the stringent criteria for the Swiss Made label, these items provide an accessible gateway to Swiss-inspired craftsmanship without compromising on excellence.

2. Innovation Unleashed
Step into a realm of innovation where Almost Swissmade products push boundaries and challenge conventions. Freed from the constraints of strict Swissness rules, these items showcase cutting-edge technology, design, and creativity that captivate global audiences.

3. Global Influence, Local Impact
Experience the best of both worlds with products that draw inspiration from Switzerland’s rich heritage but make a mark on the global stage. By choosing Almost Swissmade, you contribute to the global narrative of Swiss craftsmanship while enjoying the impact of these products in your local context.

4. Exclusivity and Uniqueness
These products often carry unique features and designs that set them apart, offering a distinctiveness that goes beyond the standardized criteria of the Swiss Made label.

5. Uncompromising Quality
While not bound by the strict Swiss Made regulations, Almost Swissmade products uphold a commitment to quality. Each item undergoes a meticulous crafting process, ensuring that you receive a product that meets or exceeds your expectations in terms of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

6. A Taste of Swiss Heritage
Immerse yourself in the essence of Swiss craftsmanship without the premium price tag. Almost Swissmade allows you to savor the spirit of Swiss heritage in a more accessible manner, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate quality and tradition.

In the spirit of embracing innovation, affordability, and the global impact of Swiss inspiration, Almost Swissmade beckons you to explore a collection that goes beyond labels. Choose products that resonate with your values and elevate your experience – because sometimes, the allure lies in being “Almost” Swissmade.

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