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Villars Brand Overview

The brand Villars is well known as one of the most recognized organizations that deliver premium quality chocolate worldwide. Wilhelm Kaiser founded the brand in 1901 28-year-old man from Bern. At first, the brand was located at Villars-Sur-Glâne, in the Canton of Fribourg. The foundation laid by visionary Wilhelm decades ago is still being used today by the organization. The uniqueness of this brand is how they make its products. They do all the work, such as roasting, grinding, and molding, under one roof!

The brand Villars always puts a lot of effort into producing the finest product to deliver you the best taste and experience. Therefore, the ingredients that go into Villars chocolate production undergo different examination processes to ensure their quality. Besides this, the organization, most of the time, tries to source the ingredients from local suppliers. In fact, the location of the plant is in the dairy farming region. This gives the brand the optimum advantage of having the best milk for making chocolates.

Besides having delicious taste and impeccable flavors, the brand also works to make those chocolate look great. The chocolate comes in an elegant-looking metal tin box. Therefore, the box id idles for personal use, and the offer is a gift to your friends and loved ones.

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Villars is an exceptional Swiss Chocolate brand that adores Swiss culture and adheres to the traditional chocolate-making method. Order this premium chocolate from our store online, and we will deliver the product right at your doorstep.


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