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Swiss Wine Selection: A Brand Overview

Switzerland has numerous attractions, including interesting cuisine, cheese, chocolate, and watches. However, one hidden gem of the country is Swiss wine, which is difficult to find outside of Switzerland. But this is changing with brands like Swiss Wine Selection.

SWISS WINE SELECTION is a company that specializes in high-quality Swiss wines and is part of the “Swiss Label” association, which ensures that all brands under its umbrella adhere to strict Swiss quality standards. The brand was founded in June 2011 and is run by Hervé Badan, Anne-Lise Soussan, and Delphine Béroud-Comte.

Swiss wines are not widely available in most markets outside of Switzerland. But if you’re a wine lover, you must taste exceptional Swiss wines at least once. And now, thanks to our partnership with Swiss Wine Selection, it’s possible to order the best and most sought-after Swiss wines easily.


  1. What is Swiss Wine Selection?

    Swiss Wine Selection is a company specializing in quality Swiss wines and is part of the Swiss Label association, which ensures the brands under its umbrella follow strict Swiss quality standards.

  2. Who are the members of Swiss Wine Selection?

    Swiss Wine Selection is composed of Hervé Badan, founder and director, Anne-Lise Soussan, Project Manager, and Delphine Béroud-Comte, Sales Manager.

  3. Why are Swiss wines hard to find outside of Switzerland?

    Swiss wines have flown mostly under the radar and are not easily found in most domestic markets outside of Switzerland.

  4. What makes Swiss wines unique?

    Swiss wines are known for their exceptional quality and are considered to be some of the most elusive and best wines in the world.

  5. How can I order Swiss wines from Swiss Wine Selection?

    You can order Swiss wines from Swiss Wine Selection at your convenience. Simply contact the brand for more information on their available products and ordering process.


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