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Vitamin C and Dextrose is an essential elements for your body. They keep us healthy and keep our immunity power. This is why many professionals recommend consuming products that come with Vitamin C and Dextrose. Therefore, checking your diet and understanding if they have an optimum amount of Vitamin C and Dextrose is essential. This process can be a challenge for many. After all, who check the ingredients and types of nutrients a product has before buying, right? And this is why you have to find an easy way, and one of them is to buy Swiss Candies from Sport Mint.

Besides offering essential nutrients, the Sport Mint energy bonbons are well known for its deliciousness. They are counted as one of the finest suppliers of vitamin candies. And their products were able to keep their customers happy. The Sport Mint energy bonbons are idle for those people who have an active lifestyle or have a deficiency of Vitamin C and Dextrose.

Idle for the active lifestyle

The Swiss vitamin candies can be the companion of everyone going for sports activity. For instance- outdoor games and hiking where there’s not enough time to track Vitamin consumption. The pack of Sport Mint energy candies is flexible and can be carried around effortlessly. Therefore, if you are planning to go out, you can easily pick a pack and keep it with you. Hence, you never have to worry about Vitamin C and Dextrose deficiency. Just pop a candy in your mouth, and that’s it!


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