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Rausch Brand Overview

Swiss Rausch is the brand who had pioneered the idea of liquid shampoo. In fact, they are the ones who brought the worlds’ first liquid shampoo on the market for mass use in 1890! The brand was founded by the renowned German hairdresser Josef Wilhelm Rausch. Since its inception, the brand has worked significantly on making efficient and effective solutions made with herbal extracts. Their interest in herbal ingredients had many reasons. For instance, herbal products are safe-to-use, as well as highly sustainable.

The brand has decades of experience in cultivating and making shampoo from the herbal extract. The brand makes use of more than 80 herb and plant-based extracts. Most of the extraction processes are being done gently under the supervision of sharp eyes by employees from RAUSCH. The family-owned business has centuries of knowledge, expertise, and experience in making shampoo. By using hundreds of years old tradition, coupled with modern-day technology, the final outcome is truly amazing.

The organization keeps a keen eye on the health and production facility. Furthermore, this raw material and end products frequently go through dermatological and monitoring tests. This ensures that the end-user will have the best experience they deserve and wants. The unparalleled natural quality of the brand RAUSCH offers long-lasting and efficient care.

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