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OM24 from Omnimedica AG

OM24 sunscreen is the product of the well-known Swiss organization Omnimedica AG. Dr. HE Holzgang established the organization in 2001. Dr. HE Holzgang comes from a dynasty with a long pharmacist list. From the start, he was very keen and interested in peoples healing abilities. And this curiosity leads this creative inventor and biotech specialists to make something incredible.

The composition of the OM24 formula is derived from natural ingredients. Prolonged scientific studies have already proven its benefits regarding its cell-protecting, regenerative, and cell-aging-retarding effect. Today, the brand Omnimedica AG is offering its products worldwide, and we are glad we have something in our inventory that carries the renowned name. 4Protection sun cream with SPF 30 is the world’s only sunscreen with OM24, and we have got it for you in our store. It offers ideal UVA protection and prevents cell damage. Our sun cream is clinically tested and successfully prevents sun-induced damage.

You can use our sunscreen daily without any negative effects! No more dangerous chemicals and synthetic fragrances. By using our special, dermatologically tested cream, you will enjoy all the benefits of complete sun protection and feed your skin the nutrients it deserves!

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The special OM24 sunscreen formula promises 24-hour protection and regeneration of the cells. The products in our inventory have proven to be successful even in the harsh conditions of the Himalayan mountains! With SPF 30, you will enjoy a worry-free, chemical-free summer. Make a healthy choice for you and your family! Order the products from our store and stop fearing the Sun!


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