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There are many different brands of flying insect traps on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. One brand that stands out for its use of sugar water as an attractant is the NNG! Wasp Fruit Fly Trap Bundle. This Trap is designed to control large populations of flies, and it is especially effective at catching common house flies and fruit flies.

The NNG, the big bottle fly trap, is easy to use. Simply mix the packet of attractant with water and pour the mixture into the bottle. Then hang the bottle in an area where flies or flying insects are a problem. The attractant, which contains a combination of sugar and water, is irresistible to flies and will draw them into the bottle.

Once inside the bottle, the flies are unable to escape and will eventually dehydrate. The Trap is designed with a durable, puncture-resistant material to prevent flies from escaping and to make it easy to replace if needed. The Trap is well suited for a wide range of bottle necks. Furthermore, the brand NNG makes the Trap perfect for use in large outdoor areas or in commercial settings.

One of the benefits of using the NNG Big Bottle Fly Trap is that it is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical-based pest control methods. The attractant you can buy according to your needs, but most people prefer to buy product that has natural ingredients it poses no threat to humans, pets, or the environment. In addition, the Trap is easy to dispose of and does not create a lot of landfill.

Overall, the brand NNG and its product Big Bottle Fly Trap, is an effective and convenient solution for controlling large populations of flying insects. It is easy to use, safe, and environmentally friendly, making it a great choice for those who want to get rid of flies without using harmful chemicals. If you have a problem with flying insects in your home or business, consider ordering NNG products from Swissmade Direct! Big Bottle Fly Trap to help keep the area fly-free.


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