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Hero baby Brand Overview

Hero baby is a Swiss brand a lot of people familiar with. The organisation is more than 130 years old, and from its inception in 1886, they have enjoyed numerous achievements.

The brand was founded by two close friends Gustav Henckell and Gustav Zeiler. However, they first built the Conservenfabrik Henckell & Zeiler in Lenzburg to process fruit and vegetables. Zeiler was a fruit farmer, and his friend Henckell was an experienced conserve factory employee. After few months and at the end of the year, Karl Roth joined the duo as a silent partner.

Hero Baby brand has acquired a lot of goodwill throughout its journey since its inception. And still today, they work hard to achieve even more. For a generation, they were the source of essential nutrients for babies. Therefore, they always strive to deliver the most promising results.

Most of the time, the products are intended to be used by toddlers. Therefore, it is essential that those products must adhere to the highest quality standards. Fortunately, the brand Swiss Hero Baby knows this and always put heavy resources to make sure everything is above standards.

The brand has a prolonged history of supplying nutrient reach products to the masses. Therefore they always emphasised using the goodness of the natural ingredients. Furthermore, the Hero brand stays away from diluting their products with artificial preservatives as well.

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