When you see this title, you probably think that it’s some joke. But, believe it or not, it isn’t! Jorge Cardoso, a chief chocolatier at Suard, dedicated a Swiss chocolate sculpture to his idol – Cristiano Ronaldo. However, what is so special about this is that it consists of 120 kilograms of Swiss chocolate!

This week, at the entrance to the Tea-Room Suard in Givisiez, Fribourg, guests have welcomed a life-size Swiss chocolate sculpture by Cristiano Ronaldo. During five years, Cardoso invested 200 hours of work in creating a 1.87 meters tall and 120 kilograms statue! His words explain such hard effort the best: “There were moments when I was almost desperate, but I bit my teeth and finished them.”

Cardoso already has a lot of experience with artistic work with chocolate, and he even became a world champion once. However, this sculpture is entirely on the next level. It is his lifetime masterpiece!

After two weeks, this fantastic sculpture will be shipped to Portugal. First, it will be exhibited in Ovar, Cardoso’s hometown, and then, it will go to Lisbon. Cardoso’s idea is to give it to Cristiano Ronaldo after that so that he can exhibit it in his museum.

In the end, Cardoso hopes that Ronaldo is soon going to be aware of his work: “I would be happy if I could shake his hand or just see him up close.”
We hope that his wish will soon become a reality! He deserved it so much.

Featured photo by 20 minuten

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