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Wiltell watches brand overview

‘Swiss made’ watch is unlike any other. They are considered the most well-crafted, reliable, artistic, and highly rigid watches globally. For these reasons, Swiss timepieces have been cherished by the people for decades. And to ensure the consumer gets the real experience, there’s strict law established in 1971 by the country. A truly ‘Swiss-made’ watch- one that has mechanics, casing, and final inspection of a timepiece is done in Switzerland. This is the only way for a brand to earn the ‘Swiss made’ hallmark. And certainly, Wiltell watches too adheres to those standards and thus carries the hallmark of ‘Swiss made’. The brand is 100% Swiss-made & part of the “Swiss label”.

Wiltell watches are made to uphold Swiss history. The inspiration for the brand came from the legendary figure of the Swiss independence- William Tell. A man who spent a lot of time in the canton of Uri on the lakesides of the legendary lake of Lucerne.

He was a great marksman who inspires people even today. His dedication to his country was absolute and will keep inspiring people for generations to come. And for a company, we can’t ask for any better name than WilTell watch (contraction of William Tell).

Top benefits of watches made by Swiss brand- Wiltell

• Rich in horological history
• Exquisite craftsmanship & artistic refinement.
• Wiltell watches are “Swiss made.” Hence it is synonymous with luxury & high quality.
• And many more

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