Unique Design and Materials

Swiss Mountain Handbags is a small manufacturer from Switzerland. They provide uniqueness through their design and materials. What is so original about Swiss Mountain handbags? The fact that they are made from used trucks and advertising boards in Switzerland. What a nice idea!
They create bags in various sizes and shapes, and hence, making them suitable for different people. Every Swiss Mountain handbag is made from used truck tarpaulins and advertising banners. Therefore, each bag offers something new and unique!
Every Swiss Mountain handbag is cut in Switzerland, in a manufactory building in Bergen. Bags are cut individually from old tarpaulins. After that, the items are washed, and finally, manufacturers sew them together. Every process we mentioned is done only with hands. As a result, this whole work process makes these bags 100% made in Switzerland!

The Variety of Products

The range and variety of Swiss Mountain handbags are enormous. There are plenty of different options you can choose. Swiss Panorama offers some exciting bags for everyday activities. For instance, there is a small Messenger bag and a lot bigger Shopper Big Boy bag.
Besides that, there are exclusive Swiss Army rucksacks which are excellent for picnics and excursions. There are also a few interesting Swiss Alps stuff. From pocket to laptop bags – you can find anything you want. Each of these product categories offers various designs and sizes. It is almost impossible not to find a suitable bag for your everyday life or a rucksack for hiking trips.
Even though Swiss Mountain handbags is a small manufactory, they are always open and flexible for special customer requests. Almost every wish you can think of can become a reality. You can seek bags and accessories from your own tarpaulins, or ask for exclusive prints and designs. Don’t hesitate to ask them! Swiss Mountain handbags are willing to help.