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Wander is a Swiss food products company that manufactures high quality food for a unique drinking and dining experience.

All over the world, people start their days with their products. From drinks and snacks, in addition to specialized foods for athletes; this company  brings a healthy energy to their consumer.

It all started in 1865 in a laboratory in the old town of Bern. There, Dr. Georg Wander developed an all-natural product made from germinated barley grains: the malt. Hence, for decades, his malt extract was a life-saving substance for many infants and children.

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Today, Wander is one of the top Swiss companies. Their brands include the well-known Ovomaltine drink, the delicious Caotina chocolate products and many more.

Furthermore, behind every product is a long-term development. Wander’s innovative employees recognize the needs of consumers. Consequently, their products are perfect for health-conscious individuals, professional athletes and families.

Finally, in 2015, the company celebrated their 150th anniversary. To this day, customer and employee well being are their primary focus. Most of all, their philosophy firmly stands for quality, ecology, and social responsibility. In addition, this enterprise regularly invests in the latest technologies and intelligent infrastructure. This attitude, therefore, makes them one of the leading companies in the European food industry.

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