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Victorinox Swiss Army Company is a family company with over a 130 years of tradition and experience. This company is consistently proving their strong values through high-quality production and innovative design.

The founder, Karl Elsener, supplied  soldier’s knives to the Swiss Army. Consequently, he came up with the idea to develop the now iconic Swiss Army Knife. This was his foundation for  the Victorinox Swiss Made company, which is flourishing to this day.

Furthermore, this Swiss army knife company guarantees the highest standards of production. They manufacture the majority of their products in Switzerland. Due to a high level of quality, Victorinox is  a leader not only in Switzerland but all over the world.

Swiss Army Company

Nevertheless, the Swiss army knife from Switzerland is not the only product this company is famous for. Today, this global enterprise offers six product categories: Swiss Army Knives, Household and professional knives, Watches, Travel Gear, Apparel and Fragrances.

Most noteworthy, the Swiss Army Company has a complete waste disposal concept for liquid and solid substances. They sort, separate and recycle all materials. In addition, they believe on a sustai

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