Trauffer wooden toys

Trauffer is a small family business in the Bernese Oberland. They have been the cult since 1938. The company is already in the 3rd generation and produces toys for children at the highest quality level. Every Swiss child knows the little cow with the golden bell.

Their products are ecologically valuable, and made of the natural, raw material wood. Furthermore, they use special wood from the sustainably managed forests of Switzerland, with the quality label FSC. That guarantees the authenticity and the sympathetic character of Trauffer’s wooden toys. The Focus is on tradition, Swiss quality, craftsmanship, and wood – for the sake of the environment.

Fascinating and Responsible

The figurines, animals, farms, and other toys fascinate both young and old. They are as simple and cute as ever. For the coloration, only water-based paints are used so that there is no danger to the health of the children. Making wooden toys also means taking responsibility for the children and their future environment. Hence, this responsibility it is the principle of profession and part of Trauffer’s family history.

In a world that is turning faster than ever before, Trauffer company produces toys made of natural wood. And that is precisely what guarantees the authenticity and the sympathetic character of these wooden toys, Papagallo, such as cows and unicorns.

Gladden your kids with a wooden horse, cow, or dog magnet. These will be their favorite toys throughout their whole childhood!



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