Toblerone brand Chocolate & Toblerone triangle

It is one of the most famous Swiss chocolate bars there is. The name originates from the chocolatier’s family name “Tobler” combined with “torrone”, the Italian word for nougat. Jean Tobler chocolate products were extremely popular at the end of the 19th century. Hence, in 1899 he founds with his sons the “Fabrique de Chocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie”. When his son Theodor takes over in 1908, he invents a unique new chocolate: the Toblerone triangle!

With Toblerone brands’ special formula, the triangle chocolate bar becomes the Swiss chocolate par excellence. Chocolate lovers around the world believe that Theodor took his inspiration for the shape from the distinctive Matterhorn mountain.

The famous chocolate bar

Reawaken your taste buds and immerse yourself in the unique Toblerone brands’ experience. This chocolate is a combination of the finest Swiss milk chocolate, almond nougat and honey.

While the chocolate bar maintains its classic taste and shape, the company continues to innovate and explores new tastes. Therefore, you will enjoy the white chocolate, dark chocolate and even crispy coconut flavors, all in the shape of Toblerone. It is said, that these chocolate got its shape from one of the most famous mountains in Switzerland: the Matterhorn.

Most of all, due to its shape, this delightful sweet is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Take it with you easily wherever you go and spread the amazing taste with love!

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