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The Swiss tradition of pioneering excellence

Swissforce Pharma AG is a Swiss skincare laboratory, established in 2013. They specialize in a targeted range of Swiss-made cosmeceuticals with a strong international focus.

Their headquarters are in Rotkreuz, Switzerland, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. At Swissforce Pharma AG, nature is the source of inspiration and innovation. By providing high quality and effective products, they want to help customers feel and look better.

Swissforce Pharma AG continues the Swiss tradition of pioneering excellence, scientific innovation, and the use of only the highest quality of ingredients.

Their products have two categories – Swissforce Cosmeceutical and Swissflex Sports Care.

Swissforce Pharma AG products

Age Spot Serum prevents the appearance of age spots and uneven skin tone. Besides, this dark spot correcting serum helps to brighten the epidermis. Also, it reduces the appearance of pigmentation disorders – age spots, dark or brown spots, and other uneven skin tones.

Besides hydrating the skin, Anti Couperose Cream visually corrects redness and strengthens the skin. The goal is to preserve its harmonious and soft nature. But, you might wonder – how can a small tube of couperose skin balm do so much work? The answer lies in Swissforce natural ingredients formula; thus, the light green tint.

Besides soothing the skin and stimulating skin regeneration, Spider Veins Cream visually corrects redness. Its natural formula contains calendula, chlorella Algae, butcher’s broom, and other botanical extracts. Also, Swissforce’s spider vein cream calms and strengthens the skin. Because of it, the skin will preserve its harmonious, soft, and even nature.

Finally, Swissflex Joint Massage Cream maintains joint mobility and improves your body flexibility. It helps to enhance body comfort as well. With soothing and moisturizing properties, the joint massage cream has a pleasant cooling sensation upon application. Once you apply it, you’ll feel a warming sensation as well.



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