Swiss Military Brand

The Swiss Military brand is a company that connects the consumer with premium lifestyle products at affordable prices. They offer a wide range of innovative and expanding product categories.

It started in 1984, when Mr. Jacques Boegli started making Swiss Made watches under the brand Swiss Military. The brand later grew, when his son, Jean-Luc Boegli launched his first clothing line. Soon, the brand introduces writing instruments and garments as a part of their product range.

Today, the brand offers world-class products and is highly regarded by those who value affordable luxury, versatility, and uniqueness of design.

Swiss Military Products

Each and every product goes through an extensive quality system governed by Swiss quality mandates. A global team of experts supervises the product life cycle, to ensure every product meets the global quality standards.

The premium lifestyle products range includes travel gear, writing instruments, garments, watches, accessories, electronics and much more.

Nevertheless, these products follow global Swiss quality standards. This affordable world-class range is accessible even to the common man. Furthermore, the brand follows global trends and customer demands. They are constantly changing and innovating to appeal to new audiences.

You too can own a world-class Swiss brand at an affordable price!



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