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Rubis Overview

Rubis is a Swiss company from Stabio. All of their products are handmade from the best steel, consistent with all the rules of traditional craftsmanship. And during all processes, they test and control the products repeatedly. Hence, not a single product leaves their manufacturing facilities that doesn’t meet the very highest standards.

Around 40 tonnes of the very best high-grade steel are used yearly in Rubis’ manufacturing process. Therefore, it must be rust-proof and it cannot weaken. There’s something archaic about steel and, at the same time, something modern. And that’s what Rubis combines perfectly.

They are an excellent example of Swiss desire to design everything with the utmost meticulousness.

Great individuals and management

Rubis products are designed by individuals who have intensively given them attention to the last detail. All of them, individually and by hand, make sure that both tips rest entirely on each other. Also, they ensure that steel transports the pressure off the fingers. Something that no machine could accomplish. Workers managed to combine form and function into an ingenious idea. With an abundance of creativity, they carried through the most beautiful and unique products.

Rubis has established itself as a brand with an excellent image thanks to years of continuous management. Furthermore, the spirit behind them produces market-leading innovations. Thanks to the long-term vision, they’ve developed into a modern, internationally leading manufacturer of cosmetic precision tweezers and scissors.



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