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Overview Rivella Drink

Rivella has been a favorite Swiss soft drink since 1952. With its unique taste, the drink brings refreshment and symbolizes the active lifestyle of Switzerland.

This success story begins in 1950, when Robert Barth develops the original Rivella Rot. He came up with the unique recipe using milk whey and a secret mix of herbal and fruit extracts. In 1952, he introduces the drink to Switzerland and it immediately becomes a hit!

In the heart of the Rivella drink is milk whey. This flavor-neutral liquid contains minerals, trace elements, vitamins and milk sugars. Depending on the variety, the drink contains 25-35% of milk whey.

The unique Swiss soft drink

The unmistakable taste, however, lies in the unchanged mixture of natural fruit and herbal extracts. The recipe is strictly secret and only a few people in the company know it.

Whenever possible, the company obtains materials exclusively from the domestic market. All products are manufactured in Switzerland without any added artificial preservatives of flavorings.

In addition to the original Red drink, you will find in our selection an assortment of deliciously flavored drinks. Low calorie, green tea and even an exotic mango flavor! Refresh yourself this summer with the unique Swiss soft drink!

Swiss Soft Drink



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