Luminox watches – Sea, Air, Land, and Space

Founded in 1989, Luminox watches started their worldwide journey. For 20 years the firm has supplied the American Navy Seal, which is the proof of the watches’ strength and dependability. All of them are easy to read in low-light situations, thanks to the innovative self-powered illumination technology. Also, the name is Latin, Luminox – light and night.

Luminox watches provide reliability and accuracy within a rock-hard case. Their real strength is not just in its stellar-grade materials but also on its long list of features. Together, they ensure Luminox military watches match the users’ expectations of a long life.

Divided into four distinct categories – Sea, Air, Land and Space, each of them exhibits an impressive glow in the dark. The Tritium tubes are designed to last 25 years, and this is the primary feature of the Luminox brand that they are known for. Designed for strenuous, demanding conditions, Luminox is an ideal choice if you care about your strong appearance.

25 Years of Luminox

For 25 years Luminox has been confirmed and validated by the many elite military and law enforcement units. Hence, Luminox became the part of their standard equipment or essential gear. Luminox continues to combine cutting edge technology, forward-thinking design and extreme performance in Swiss-made timepieces.

Luminox, the original self-powered luminous watch brand, is the watch of choice for elite forces and professional divers. Tight, robust and accurate, Luminox is the ultimate gear for serious athletes, rugged outdoorsmen, and other peak performers.

These watches have always been essential equipment. If a watch is durable enough for the world’s toughest elite forces, it will stand up to any other rugged outdoor use. If you want to pair one up with your business suit, its style and comfort shall always meet your needs.

So, while no one is telling you to stay as sharp as the jet pilots or divers, you can always choose not to fumble for the light switch or the backlight button on your watch in the dead of night!

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