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Le Parfait Overview

Le Parfait is a Swiss gourmet pate company, founded by Claude Blancpain in the 1940’s. Claude, a student at the time, was searching for healthy food options, in a time where meat and fresh produce were scarce. He discovered the excellent nutritional value of yeast! The discovery inspired him to create a spread which replaced meat by yeast and animal fats with vegetable matter.

In 1942, Claude launches two vegetable pates, Dyna and Tartex, which are the ancestors of the Perfect pate. As a result, their sales soar!

After the war, Claude reworks his original recipe and comes up with a new flavor: the “truffle liver sandwich cream”. He calls it Le Parfait – The Perfect!

Today, besides the original, Le Parfait pate brings pleasure with new recipes like chicken, tuna and also herbs and vegetables. In addition, the pates are packed in convenient and colorful tubes!

Furthermore, Le Parfait offers the tastiest, healthiest and most natural products. The company reworked their best-selling recipes, which contain exclusively 100% natural ingredients. The taste of the pates, however, remains unchanged!

Inspire yourself  by the multitude of possibilities of enjoying Le Parfait pate! You can combine it with bruschette, a savory strudel or even your favorite pasta! So don’t limit your creativity!

The flavors of these Swiss gourmet pates will impart a rich character to any appetizer!  Even your most finicky guests will be thrilled!

Swiss Delicious Pate



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