Kambly biscuits

Kambly is a Swiss, family-owned company. They have been producing iconic biscuits for over 100 years! They make their high-quality biscuits in Switzerland while using the latest technology.

It all started with the traditional Kambly Bretzeli biscuit. Oscar R. Kambly began to bake the Bretzeli biscuit, using his grandmother’s recipe. Since then, the family has been producing the biscuits following the original recipe. Consequently, this product symbolizes joy, affection, and gratitude!

Today the brand is Switzerland’s largest biscuit manufacturer! Hence, they offer a wide variety of high-quality Swiss cookies!

Discover the authentic Swiss cookies

Kambly cookies contain no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colorants. Furthermore, the family does not use any genetically modified ingredients in any of their products. Most noteworthy, they exclusively use barn-laid eggs!

This is a truly original and authentic Swiss brand. They obtain the majority of their raw ingredients from local suppliers in the Emmental valley.

The brand is dedicated to sustainable farming, in addition to locally grown ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging!

You will be delighted by the delicious selection of these Swiss cookies! From savory to sweet, chewy, and crunchy, this company has a biscuit for every taste! Finally, support a natural lifestyle by backing a traditional Swiss family business!

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