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Kagi brand

Kagi Fret is the number one chocolate wafer in Switzerland. For over 80 years, the Kagi chocolate wafer has been making the world a happier place!

Using manual methods only – waffle irons – the company begins wafer production in Toggenburg. The subtle balance of ingredients was, and is, perfect to this day. The wafer sheet creates a sweet balance with the triple-layer cream filling.

Since the company was extremely successful, they quickly reach the limits of manual production. The demand for the delicious bake goods rises, and therefore they build a larger factory.

Kagi chocolate wafer
The secret of the exquisite Kaegi Fret taste is in the tried and tested recipes, which have remained virtually unchanged since 1934. Hence, the most important ingredients used are of course the traditionally-made wafers and high-quality Swiss chocolate.

The company applies the highest environmental standards when selecting Swiss raw ingredients. All products are made in Toggenburg since Switzerland produces exceptionally high-quality agricultural products. From raw materials to the finished product, we focus on the skillful combination of tradition and innovation!

Discover the crispy light range of chocolate wafers in different flavors! Who doesn’t love crunchy wafers with a creamy filling and homemade Swiss chocolate?

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