Jowissa Watches: Swiss-Made Watchmaking at its Finest

The Jowissa brand was founded in 1951, in the tranquil surroundings of Bettlach. Since its establishment, they have produced multifaceted Swiss watches of exceptional quality. Great craftsmanship and cutting-edge production are together creating timepieces combining style and sophistication. As a high-quality Swiss made watch brand, Jowissa offers outstanding value for an acceptable price, in addition to the refined sense of style.

In the 1960s, pendant watches with cut glass became fashionable. Hence, Jowissa led the way with this beautiful technique. Similar to cutting a gemstone, glass cutting creates fine facets which reflect the light. Today, Jowissa is one of the few manufacturers of Swiss made watches to offer timepieces that incorporate glass cutting. This technique, together with great value for money, has enabled the brand to establish a great reputation in the market.

In the modern age, Jowissa is famous for adapting to new technologies and trends successfully. This traditional family business is offering an array of products with a high recognition value, combining elegant materials with fashionable colors. After 65 years of tradition, Jowissa still represents the art of exceptional Swiss made watchmaking.

Jowissa Men’s & Women’s Watches

Jowissa watches reflect light with sophisticated brilliance. Also, the watch cases are adorned with elegant metalized glass. Immaculately cut facets give all models, both women and men, a brilliant shine.

The watches represent true fashion details. Furthermore, they are blurring the line between timepiece and jewelry, because of high-quality materials and individual design approaches. The finest leather, gleaming ceramic, and stainless steel, in combination, are providing aesthetic and comfort to these wristwatches.

In a wide range of Jowissa color palettes, there are only intense, harmonious tones that arouse emotions. Every color evokes new and individual associations. There is warm Bordeaux red, rich royal blue, fresh green, classic white, stylish black, and vibrant orange.

Our Swiss made collection holds many sophisticated and stylish wristwatches. So, there are Jowissa Roma Gold Women’s Wristwatch, Jowissa Facet Gold Women’s Wristwatch Jowissa Aura Women’s Wristwatch, Jowissa Romo Women’s Wristwatch, Jowissa Alto Women’s Wristwatch, Facet Princess Women’s Watch with a Leather Strap, Jowissa Lux Men Wristwatch and Facet Princess Women’s Watch with a Metal Strap.

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