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Overview Gerber Fondue Cheese

Gerber is a cheese company that is responsible for the first cheese fondue that was presented in Switzerland in 1960. The brand started production in 1911, with the discovery of the melting process with citric acid, after many years of Emmentaler preservation.

The cheese makes its first appearance at the Swiss national exhibition in Bern in 1914. It is a huge hit!

While you can set up our Gerber fondue cheese in just minutes, behind it there are decades of passionate development and history!

Swiss Cheese Fondue
Experience the popular smooth taste of the Gerber fondue! It keeps in the fridge for a long time, so you will always have it ready when unexpected guests come over!

Not only is this cheese fondue quick and easy to prepare, but it is also lactose-free! The classic Gerber fondue is a wonderful flavor of the highest quality Swiss cheese. You simply heat it up and it works every time!

In addition to the fondue, the brand creates crispy grill cheeses, cheese spreads and slices.

While our fondues are ready-made, you can still give them your personal touch! Pick your favorite bread and vegetables for dipping. Now add some spices and herbs to your cheese and create a truly individual experience!



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