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Farmer Swiss Muesli

Farmer Swiss muesli offers a natural energy dispenser for the whole family. It is an energy boost in many different variations, from crispy muesli to individual muesli bars. Whether you are starting the day or craving a snack between meals, Farmer Swiss cereal is the natural healthy choice for you!

This famous Swiss muesli has been available for over 30 years in various shapes and sizes. From crunchy muesli with yogurt to a delicious honey snack bar, Farmer offers something for everyone. Try this breakfast food that contributes to your well-being and vitality!

Swiss cereal

The great thing about Farmer muesli bars is that they are conveniently individually packaged – therefore making them incredibly practical for your active lifestyle!

Keep them in your purse or backpack, in your car or even in your pocket! In addition, this ready-to-go snack will give you the boost you need to get through the day!

Find your favorite Swiss muesli among a wide range of balanced and nutritious products! Even your kids will love it! Whether you like it natural, with chocolate, milk and even gluten free, Farmer’s unique flavor will leave you happy and fulfilled! Finally, enjoy our cereal and crispy snacks in many popular flavors!

Swiss Muesli and Bars



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