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Daylong sunscreen Overview

Sun care and UV protection are essential for keeping your skin beautiful! Those long summer days on the beach are just around the corner and that means one thing! Relaxing in the sun for hours. While you are enjoying your vacation, don’t forget to take care of your skin with Daylong sun care products!

Daylong offers UV protection for all skin types. In addition, it is filled with nurturing ingredients which will nourish your skin even after sunbathing.

Without preservatives and dangerous chemicals in sunscreen, Daylong sun care lotions effectively protect your face and body. These lotions are extra water-resistant in both saltwater and freshwater. Plus, they are super easy to apply, they absorb quickly, and in addition, they nurture your skin with aloe vera and vitamin E.

UV Protection

Furthermore, the sensitive skin of babies and children needs very special protection against UVA and UVB rays. With years of Swiss dermatology experience, Daylong sun care attentively protects the skin of your youngest!

Whatever your skin type is, from normal to extremely sensitive, the brand carries a wide range of products with particular  SPF protection.

We are all aware of dangers of staying in the sun too long. Your skin is your largest organ and it never forgets a sunburn! Nevertheless, you shouldn’t be afraid of the sun! Before and after sunbathing, nurture your body with Daylong sun care!

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