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Arise Swiss Alpine cosmetics

Arise Swiss Alpine cosmetics offers the best care for you and your babies! The alpine plants, which are the basis of the Arise cosmetics, grow in an untouched and unpolluted nature. They are the best because of the sustainable development. The products meet the highest demands of natural cosmetics. They are dermatologically tested, without dyes, mineral oils and chemical preservatives.

The most important ingredient is Edelweiss. It is an Alpine plant which is adaptable to climatic extremes. Hence, the cosmetics world can now use this extraordinary plant, with its antioxidant effect, its power against free radicals and its natural, protective properties. Today, Edelweiss belongs to the protected plants.

Also, the water plays such an essential role in cosmetics. Therefore, Arise relies on pure Swiss alpine water. It is formed from the rain, melting and glacier water.

The care for everyone

Arise cosmetics represent three categories: baby care, face care, and body care.

When choosing the Arise baby products, you make sure to offer the best care to your baby. It has the Ecocert certification and the Cosmebio label. Edelweiss, combined with other soothing, calming and moisturizing ingredients (chamomile, calendula, karite butter, sweet almond oil) ideally respond to the needs of sensitive baby skin.

Because of natural, high-quality active ingredients, Arise cosmetics have immediate and extremely beneficial regeneration effect of the sensitive eye area. Therefore, face care products give your skin everything it needs to maintain and improve the healthy look.

Anti-aging treatment is effective at any age and for all skin types. Hence, it guarantees you a healthy-looking skin. With beauty body care products, your skin will look firmer, smoother and more even. Let your face and body be young forever!