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Admir Cafes

Admir Cafes is one of the most recognized coffee makers. Learn more here about the delicious and aromatic coffee maker.

Air Force Academy Switzerland

Air Force Academy Switzerland is one of the most recognized Swiss brand. They combine American style with modern Swiss Air Force inspired graphics.


Alpklang products offer much-needed relaxation. It has the power to bring nature to your home. And becomes a part of your household.


The artisan Apimiel Swiss honey is a beautiful gift for any sweet occasion, as well as a delicious and nutritious treat for any pantry!


AromaStick is the first Swiss company that produces 100% natural essential oil inhalers. You will be more focused and energetic with their aromatic inhalers!


Bachmann is the market-leading bakery in central Switzerland. This modern and innovative family business have more than 100-year-old tradition and a very distinct sense of quality.


Belair, a Swiss brand design and develop products that keep your toilet clean & hygienic. They produce specific units that can also reduce the risk of COVID-19.

Bell Foundry Berger

Berger Bell Foundry is an extraordinary Swiss brand that makes cow, boat, and other various bells in different sizes from "Made in Switzerland" alloy, and they do all the creative art by hand.

Bex Les Bains

Bex Les Bains makes care products by following strict Swiss quality guidelines. The brand does not use any added fragrances or synthetic dyes. Get excellent products online.

Bio Familia

The Familia Swiss Bircher muesli is the perfect, healthy “fast food”. Familia muesli gives you a long lasting energy boost and it also increases your performance throughout the whole day!


Blevita is one of Switzerland’s most healthy biscuits brands. These are little crunchy bites you can munch on in between meals. Take them with you and enjoy wherever, whenever you want!


Breitling is a Swiss watch company, accompanying the world of competitive sports, automobile and aviation. They guarantee high quality and 100% Swiss made instruments.


Cailler is Switzerland’s oldest chocolate brand still in existence. Try this chocolate and you will understand why Swiss chocolate is truly the best in the world!


Candida is your first line of defense against tooth decay and dental plaque! Premium ingredients at an amazing value, in addition to complete dental health and wellness!


CannaMed, a Swiss label brand, produces the most high-quality Cannabinoid products that can help you to treat many dilemmas.


A unique blend of chocolate and cocoa makes Caotina chocolate drink a rich, well-balanced delight, with a pure punch of real Swiss chocolate. Savor its delicious flavor and sweet energy boost!

Caran dAche

Maison Caran d’Ache is a company that produces writing and drawing instruments of the highest Swiss quality. Express yourself artistically from childhood to adulthood!


Cenovis spread is a cult vegetable yeast spread from Switzerland. Cenovis improves the health of your skin, hair and nails and is 100% natural, without any chemical additives.


The fresh and light Chirat white wine vinegar is naturally flavored with herbs and spices. It is a must have for your pantry throughout the whole year!


Curodont is a Swiss brand which offers biomedical products for teeth preservation. All the products are based on innovative, award-winning Curolox Technology.


While you are enjoying your vacation, don’t forget to take care of your skin with Daylong sun care products! Before and after sunbathing, nurture your body with Daylong!


Drehmomente tube extractors are made in Bülach, Switzerland. The simple to use accessory makes it very comfortable to squeezing out the last drop from your favorite tubes.


Edelvetica is a Swiss brand known for its exceptional quality apparel and blending of modern and vintage styles. Edelvetica offers a stylish collection of Swiss clothes, made for the Fashionista like you.


Elmex brand develops high performance dental care products with scientifically proven benefits. The various Elmex products offer complete dental care protection for the whole family.


Emeo Swiss brand makes fantastic skincare products that take care of your skin naturally.


Essento is a fantastic brand committed to changing the way we eat by introducing incredible nutrients rich insect snacks!


Whether you are starting the day or craving a snack between meals, Farmer Swiss cereal is the natural healthy choice for you! Their unique flavors will leave you happy and fulfilled!


Favarger Swiss brand is famous for their delicious chocolate made with the best ingredients and by following the highest standards. Get this chocolate online from Switzerland.

Focus Water

The brand FOCUSWATER was founded in 2012 to offer a better alternative for the masses. The brand works on making vitamin-rich drinks that comply with a healthy & active lifestyle.

Frauenmond Chocolate

Frauenmond Chocolate is curated to meet the needs of women. Experience the herbal benefits, delicious Chocolate & goodness of Swiss quality in one pack!


Frels is a fantastic brand who have designed a solution for your glasses to keep them safe & secure.


Experience the popular smooth taste of the Gerber fondue! The classic Gerber fondue is a wonderful flavor of the highest quality Swiss cheese.


Goba is a Swiss brand was known for its beverage. But today, they are becoming a major player in the spreads and caramels. Learn more about the brand inside the page.


Enjoy the fruity, tangy or chocolaty taste of the Halter classic candies. Made from natural ingredients and sugar-free! Celebrate summer with cool and fruity Halter!


The Swiss Military brand offers world class products and is highly regarded by those who value affordable luxury, versatility and uniqueness of design.


Hero is one of the most renowned international food companies. This brand will surely delight you with their conserved fruit and vegetable products!


Jowissa is a high-quality Swiss-made watch brand. They produce multifaceted watches, combining style and sophistication. Also, Jowissa offers outstanding value for the very acceptable price.


Discover the crispy light range of chocolate wafers in different flavors! Who doesn’t love crunchy wafers with a creamy filling and homemade Swiss chocolate?

Kaki Spuma

Kaki Spuma Zero is a well-recognized brand and member of a Swiss Label that produces fantastic drinks and makes delicious Panettone.


Kambly is Switzerland’s largest biscuit manufacturer. You will be delighted by the delicious selection of these Swiss cookies! From savory to sweet, chewy and crunchy, the brand has a biscuit for every taste!


Kiener creates charming and sturdily constructed Swiss toys, loved by kids and adults alike. From wooden puzzles, music boxes, little mosaics and colorful mobiles; your kids will be mesmerized!


Knorr is the leading brand in the production of dehydrated soup mixes and condiments. Original ideas, innovation and appreciation for tradition – is what this brand is known for.

Le Parfait

Le Parfait offers the tastiest, healthiest and most natural products. Le Parfait pate brings pleasure with new recipes, packed in convenient and colorful tubes!

Leave Your Mark

Leave Your Mark A Swiss-made organization that has designed products that represent six commonly found Swiss animals. They are unique and exceptionally well built.

Leckerli Huus

Basler Leckerli is a Swiss brand, best known for their production of traditional Swiss cookies. Enjoy your Swiss biscuits with your morning coffee or afternoon tea!


Lindt products are a symbol for the world-renowned Swiss chocolate. The Swiss chocolate pioneers combine tradition with creativity to bring you the best products that money can buy.


Luminox specializes in Swiss-made men’s watches that are easy to read in low-light situations, thanks to their innovative self-powered illumination technology.


Maggi offers quick and easy solutions for your meals. Hence, they create bouillons, soups, seasonings and sauces, which bring out the best in your cooking.


Minor is an all-natural chocolate. Taste the complexity of natural ingredients in one single piece of creamy, dreamy chocolate.


Mirador is a finely balanced blend of herbs and spices, carefully selected to bring the best out in your cooking. A unique vegan powdered spice for all your fresh veggies and salads.


This Swiss company combines ingenuity and simplicity, which distinguish the Mondaine watches from every other watch in the world. Find your attractive piece of contemporary design!


Munz is one of the most recognized Swiss chocolate makers in Switzerland. Learn more here about the delicious and mouthwatering chocolate maker.


Nescafe is the deliciously rich Swiss coffee that has become the world’s leading coffee brand. From a smooth black coffee to a ice-cold coffee shake – you can have it at home, at the office or on the go!


Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage company. Their products and brands will accompany you from birth through adulthood, breakfast to dinner, at home and on the go.

Olo Marzipan

Olo Marzipan is a well-recognized Swiss brand known for its unique and high-quality Swiss foods. The products can be used for decorative purposes, gift items & many more.


Ovomaltine provides sustainable energy, which increases your physical & mental performance. It has 13 essential vitamins & enriched with calcium, magnesium & iron.


Pharmalp was founded in April 2012 and is a Swiss company serving healthcare professionals and people who care about their wellbeing.


The Ragusa chocolate bar won the hearts of Swiss consumers with its smooth praline filling, whole hazelnuts and original rectangular shape.


Rausch was founded in 1890, and since then, it entirely relies on the power of herbs. The company founder is Josef Wilhelm Rausch, a German master coiffeur.


Ricola is a Swiss herb candy with over 80 years of history. The candy is famous for its unique delicious taste and soothing effect on the mouth and throat.


With its unique taste, the Rivella drink brings refreshment and symbolizes the active lifestyle of Switzerland. Refresh yourself with the uniquely flavored Swiss soft drink!


Rubis is a Swiss company from Stabio. All of their products are handmade from the best steel, consistent with all the rules of traditional craftsmanship.

Sel Des Alpes

The journey of the Swiss brand Bex Les Bains is unique and interesting. People more likely know the brand as a salt-based cosmetics line maker

Stella Bernrain

Stella Bernrain has decades of experience in the development & production of amazing Swiss chocolate. Get them directly from Switzerland.


Sugus is Switzerland’s most popular soft candy. These delicious treats have been around for over 80 years. The company sells the sweet treats for the first time in Switzerland in 1931, under the name of Sugus.

Swiss advance

Swiss Advance products will bring you closer to nature with their high-quality barbecue tools. Their contemporary smart design will make food preparation easy and enjoyable.

Swiss Massiv

Get Swiss Massiv produces tailor-made handmade skis, which are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Each ski is a one-of-a-kind product with each pair having an individual number!

Swiss Mountain Handbags

Swiss Mountain Handbags is a small manufacturer from Switzerland. They provide uniqueness through their design and materials. What is so original about Swiss Mountain handbags?

Swiss Wine Selection

Swiss wine selection brand was founded in June 2011, bringing everyone the most delicious Swiss wine!

Swissforce Pharma

Swissforce Pharma AG is a Swiss skincare laboratory, established in 2013. They specialize in a targeted range of Swiss-made cosmeceuticals with a strong international focus.


Swissmadelabs produces products to nurture soft and delicate baby skin. An essential product if you have a baby around!


Thomy is a world-known Swiss condiment brand with a cult following. Have an outstanding taste experience every time you try these products!


Reawaken your taste buds and immerse yourself in the unique Toblerone chocolate taste experience. A premium combination of the finest Swiss milk chocolate, almond nougat and honey.


Trauffer is a small family business in the Bernese Oberland. They have been the cult since 1938. The company is already in the 3rd generation and produces toys for children.


Varsy’s is Luzern based startup dedicated to promoting Swiss myths, legends, and culture. It was founded in 2018 by Varsy Buchmann.


Victorinox is a family company with over a 130 years of tradition and experience. The brand holds their strong values through high quality production and innovative design.


Wander is a Swiss food products company that manufactures high quality food for a unique drinking and dining experience. All over the world, people start their days with Wander products.


Let yourself be inspired by the broad range of products this company has to offer. Every item is an ideal combination of dependability and style. For customers who believe in top quality at a reasonable price.

Willy Zemp

Willy Zemp produces the finest Swiss coffee to deliver the most fantastic experience to the consumer.


Wiltell watches an excellent Swiss-made watch that carries not only high Swiss quality but also true legendary history.


Wollbetten is a family company with their own production, based in Switzerland. The company was founded in 2001.

Wood and Luxury

Woodand luxury is a brand recognized by "Swiss Label" that produces fine wooden accessories.


Xyloba lets you create melodies in unique and intuitive ways.Recreate well-known songs and even compose your own beautiful melodies. It‘s one of a kind!


Zweifel is a Swiss chips family company known for the production of Switzerland’s favorite chips. Their chips are always fresh and ready for consumption, everywhere and anytime.


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