Thomy Ketchup 550 ml


Thomy Ketchup is a healthy addition to your meal with a particular 100 % natural taste. This is a typical spread done uncommonly well because the ketchup is made with less sugar, but with more tomatoes than the average ketchup has. So, doubtless, you will enjoy it!

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Thomy Ketchup is made with the finest, natural ingredients and most flavorful recipe to satisfy a variety of tastes. So, natural ketchup has met many tastes and become an assault of richness and flavor. It is ideal to complete your hamburgers, hotdogs, any meal you like to mix with tomato taste. Whether you’re at home, dining out, or on the go, trust Thomy less sugar ketchup to bring you something special to the table.

Premium Quality Natural Thomy Ketchup

Thomy tastes completely natural. Thanks to its natural ingredients, ketchup is even more than the taste! This is true ketchup which is healthier than the other pretentious gourmet brands. So, Thomy is your best choice because it is of excellent quality, with less sugar.

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Tomato paste from concentrate 74% *, sugar 11%, table-vinegar 9%, cornstarch, sea salt, natural thickener (red currant), spices 0.4%. * Corresponds to 185 g of tomatoes per 100 g of ketchup


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